Salmon wall shelf with hooks

  • Functional art for all the salmon lovers out there!

     I set out to create something beautiful and unique that could enter your daily life.

    Wood, steel, and concrete - the magic trifecta. If you haven't experienced the combination of these materials it's hard to describe. Strong, solid, hard, soft, cold, warm, smooth and textured all together.

    Neighbor Rob Wiard has been producing concrete panels with salmon as a sort of ongoing experiment. I guess his enthusiasm was contagious and my imagination would not be still amongst the growing stacks of schools of salmon.

    Looking around the shop I put the pieces together, first a strong steel frame to hold the heavy and solid concrete. Then warm and storied wood to soften things and create a shelf and space for the hooks.

    These wall shelves with hooks will fit into entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms and. . .?

    Every piece is unique and one of a kind.  Small changes are made in the steel frames as materials and ideas come and go. Every concrete panel has different coloring and patterns. The wood shelf and hook boards are selected and processed to highlight unique characteristics whether driftwood cedar, live edge birch, or weathered spruce.  

    When you order please describe your selected piece. If I have any questions I'll contact you to clarify.  Custom colors and sizes are available, Contact Us for a quote. 

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