Barstool - Reclaimed Wood and Metal

  • We set out to design a barstool using our stock of reclaimed 1 1/4" rusty steel, and a nice sturdy piece of reclaimed spruce. The challenge we gave ourselves was to build it without using screws, glues, or any fasteners. Here it is, a puzzle of sorts, the wood seat is captured by the steel in a secure way without the use of any fasteners. The design requires the welding of the frame to be completed after placing the seat. A small inconvenience for what we believe is an inspired and simple design.

    The weathered spruce seat and rested metal gives this barstool and timeless appearance. We even weather the fresh metal work so that there are no glaring manufacturing marks to distract you from the natural patina. It could be 20 years old and you'd never know the difference.


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