Mantle beams - reclaimed spruce

We have a healthy stock of 20+ year old reclaimed spruce timbers that are available for your projects.  

These reclaimed beams were cut at 6"x12" and 8"x12" by dimensions and have air dried down approximately 3/4" across each dimension. Each one is unique in the way they were sawn and weathered. Typically they have at least two very appealing faces, some have four beautifully weathered surfaces.

Many of these trees were old growth spruce. It's not uncommon to find a beam in the pile from a 100+ year old tree with very tight grain patterns. 

The timbers are sold by the board foot and can be milled to your desired size. The smaller beams are approximately 5 bdft/ linear foot, the larger 6.8 bdft/linear foot. This equates to $40 and $54 per linear foot.

The timbers are air dried down to roughly 15-25%. They are not kiln dried so if brought inside an average home they will shrink as they acclimate to the drier, heated indoor air.

These trees were the victim of a catastrophic spruce bark beetle infestation in the 90's that decimated much of the peninsula's spruce forests. It became clear these trees either needed to be harvested or left to fall and rot. The forest fire hazard was a major concern with so many standing dead trees. We don't know the exact history of these trees but a few hundred of them made their way to an old fashioned circular saw mill that cut them into beams about 12' long. They were then erected as a fence on the Homer Spit where they stood for approximately 20 years. This proved to be a perfect spot for weathering the surface of the timbers with salty air, wind, and sunshine.

We were fortunate to procure a large stock of these reclaimed timbers from the contractors hired to demo the fence. This wood has been a pleasure to work with and you'll find it in many of our products here at Alaskan Viking Co. from interior furniture to timber frame entryways.

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