Cruck Frame

This timber framed structure was built in a unique style known as a cruck or crook framing. The defining characteristic of this style is the use of large naturally curved timbers that support the roof of the structure. Crucks were much more common in the medieval period and areas with lots of less than straight trees. These same trees became popular for ship building which increased demand for the curved trees. 

The high arch shape of the main supports in this building give it a lofty feel. Some have commented it's a bit of a religious experience standing inside the heart of this creation. 

We love how it allowed us to make good use of some large old growth spruce logs that were destined to be cut up into firewood. 

This was a passion project our own Nels Christensen who has been studying and practicing the cruck technique. He worked with a local logging operation to stockpile the required curved trees. 

The cruck frame would make an inspired artists studio. Enchanting gazebo. Cozy guest cabin. The frame will require finishing of your choice. It could be outfitted with  siding, plumbing, wiring, insulation and all the trappings of home, or left open for all to appreciate the beautiful timbers as a covered outdoor space.  It can be disassembled for transportation.

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